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Sustainability should be high on the agenda for any organisation, including the healthcare system. Sterimelt is a fantastic way for healthcare providers to reduce their impact on the environment, by ensuring that the valuable resources used to produce single use polypropylene tray wraps are recycled for reintroduction into the manufacturing chain. TCG are incredibly knowledgeable and have been a great support both during and after the installation of our Sterimelt machine. The TCG team share my passion and dedication to improving our environment; and I look forward to seeing what other innovations they develop in the future.

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Sterimelt has meant that Tonnes of polypropylene wraps and healthcare products can now be upcycled and put to further use, we are proud and excited to be the second in the world to host the solution, and look forward to finding new innovative ways of recycling products in partnership with TCG in the future.

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Helping to save our environment should be top of everyone’s agenda so when I was asked about getting involved with the Sterimelt process which enables the disposable drapes, used for wrapping theatre sets, to be recycled rather than go into clinical waste, I jumped at the chance. Although for my part providing the drapes is all that is required it is an exciting innovative system to be involved with and it is great to see the plastic blocks come out of Sterimelt, ready to be sent off site for re-use. I am looking forward to what other systems TCG can develop to enable our organisation to recycle rather than dispose

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I have been very impressed with the support and professionalism of both Tim and Thomas. They have both been very supportive throughout the trial of the Sterimelt machine at our hospital site in Newport, quickly coming up with solutions to any problems we have encountered. They have also been instrumental in developing and enhancing the Sterimelt process within a healthcare setting and bringing the project to a very successful conclusion.

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All I can tell you are the cost implications for ourselves. Our 3 Research buildings were spending over £10k a year on skips sending polystyrene (styrofoam) to land fill (which is now strictly ilegal). We now have a StyroMelt machine and process the polystyrene which will be collected free for recylcing. This is the only machine I have managed to find that will process the 'mixed bag' of polystyrene waste we have in our operations. I have tried other technologies without success whereas the StyroMelt is simple and effective.

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Snowdens are long established fish merchants who generate waste polystyrene (styrofom) fish boxes during their filleting and repackaging activities. Paul Male Snowden M.D. says "It reduced the 7 skips we were using per week to just 1 pallet load of fully recyclable briquettes, which we then sold!

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The Styromelt and service levels from TCG have exceeded our expectations. We are pleased that we are now diverting polystyrene from landfill whilst receiving a value for the briquettes, indeed our investment will be recouped earlier than forecast. The Styromelt process has further increased our path on sustainability while also reducing our carbon footprint. Styromelt’s recycling process comes highly recommended, from a company with excellent after service.

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