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How Sterimelt could help your organisation.

  • Sterimelt recycles and recovers single use disposable plastic polypropylene sterilisation tray wraps and drapes, commonly used in hospital operating theatres.
  • Sterimelt reduces the volume of wraps and drapes by up to 85%, using controlled patented thermal technology to melt the sheets into a solid block of polypropylene plastic.
  • The solid polypropylene blocks can be re-introduced into the UK plastic supply chain for use in plastic manufacturing of new components.
  • Sterimelt operates on a 3-phase electrical supply, is manually hand fed, has no moving parts and is a one “push button” start operation.
  • Sterimelt is constructed from stainless steel and can work indoors or out.
  • Sterimelt requires ventilation to atmosphere.
  • Sterimelt can process approx 20kg of loose wraps/drapes per cycle.
  • Each cycle takes circa 1hr and 20 minutes.

Sterimelt improves Environmental Credentials;

  • Sterimelt enhances reductions in transportation by maximising payloads and reducing vehicle movements which in turn improves sustainability and reduces carbon footprint.

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