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Massmelt is a horizontal, auger fed, thermal screw compaction system.

How Massmelt could help your organisation;

  • Reduces any compactable waste volume by around 70%.
  • Reduces moisture content up to 25% through compaction and heat.
  • Massmelt uses plastics within the waste to form a thermally binding crust or skin on the outside allowing the output to maintain a cylindrical shape at the end of the thermal compaction process.
  • The output ‘logs’ can be cut to any length using an optional hot knife guillotine.
  • The process is managed using ‘state of the art’ Pro Logic Controllers, where speed and heat are all fully adjustable.
  • When required, a pre shredder can be installed as an optional extra. Ideally, waste particle size would range from between 20mm to 400mm and should have a minimum 20% plastic content.

Massmelt improves Environmental Credentials;

  • Massmelt enhances reductions in transportation by maximising payloads and reducing vehicle movements which in turn improves sustainability and reduces carbon footprint.

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