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Dumped facemasks reborn - "Sunday Times"

Masks from the huge volume of protective equipment dumped by hospitals and general public are being transformed into plastic bottles, car bumpers and clothes pegs.

Cardiff company brings new hopes into the disposable face masks emergency

Revolutionary technologies can turn single use plastic into new reusable material.
A Cardiff company may have found a solution to cope with the high use of disposable face masks, bringing new hopes into the fight against plastic.

TCG have developed a machine that can turn single waste plastic into new material
A Cardiff company believes it has the answer to recycling single use PPE and plastics.
In fact, their machines are already being used in hospitals in the UK, converting material such as disposable face masks and single use plastic hospital curtains and wraps into reusable plastic that can be made in  to items like bins.

Castell Howell discuss their new Styromelt polystyrene recovery solution and other recycling activities.
At Castell Howell they take their commitment to the environment seriously.

Cardiff-based Thermal Compaction Group eyes significant growth following the sale of its 'Massmelt' prototype.
Thermal compaction technology developed in Wales is set to help the U.S. Navy reduce the waste produced by its fleet by up to 75%.

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