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Married with 3 Children with 2 Grandchildren and lives in Cardiff. Born in Cardiff in 1957. I attended St Teilos High School Llanedeyrn and after leaving school worked as an Apprentice at C H Bailey Dry and attended Barnstaple College. After completing my apprenticeship I joined the Merchant Navy as an Engineering Officer. Upon leaving the Merchant Navy I worked for a short while for a local Engineering Company and set up my first Engineering business aged 24.

In 1991 I joined the Taylor and Sons Ltd family business and became the Group MD in 2001. In 2009 I went on to set up a group of smaller Companies and during 2012 reacquired the Technology for recycling Expanded Polystyrene and Polypropylene which now comes under the Thermal Compaction Group Ltd umbrella where I am the Group MD and Shareholder. My family has several business interests throughout South Wales ranging from Catering to Industrial/Decorative Painting and nothing excites me more than innovative new technologies providing social and environmental benefits. I consider my entrepreneurial love for business like a hobby.




My background is in engineering where I specialised in fabrication and welding from there I went on to study electrical and electronic engineering. I was one of the first people recruited for TCG back in 2014 and began my journey as an apprentice rising to become the Director of Operations for TCG in 2018. I assist in all aspects of the business, from design to testing/trialling to bringing our disruptive, innovative technology to fruition.

Over the last few years my network and knowledge has exploded and I truly cannot wait to see what the next 5 years brings and how much of an impact we believe we can make in creating a true global circular economy. I have an amazing team around me and without these people TCG wouldn’t be where it is today. Here’s to reforming the future, one piece of plastic at a time.




Recently brought in to TCG as Environmental Director, I have over 25 years experience in business, dealing with large enterprises and the NHS, I am passionate about our environment and my aim is to help improve waste management globally.

With our unique products such as STERIMELT we can improve, save and make our waste processes efficient and more importantly Greener...creating a true global circular economy.



Highly motivated individual with good communication skills and the drive to perform beyond expectation. An eye for detail and opportunity and committed to achieving recognition as an informed person in my industry. From a hazardous waste background, I specialise in turnkey sustainable recycling solutions that improve your Company's bottom line and create a circular economy using innovative technology and patented equipment. With a vast network of likeminded individuals, I assist my clients and customers to:

  • Realise their environmental responsibility
  • Provide consultancy services on waste and recycling
  • Assist in sustainable solutions that create a circular economy
  • Improve profitability on waste costs and wherever practicable turn it into revenue
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If you have any questions relating to TCG feel free to call or email us - and we will be happy to respond.